Engr. Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah

Managing Director / Ex-MD PEDO

Forty (40) years of diverse field experience, with progressive roles, in Hydel and Thermal generation. First eight years were spent in 1000MW Mangla, 3478MW Tarbela and 240MW Warsak Power Stations as Junior Maintenance Engineer – including one year in United Kingdom for Design and Manufacture of Water Turbines and O&M of Thermal Power Station, Ten years in Ministry of Power and Water, Kuwait – as Electrical and Protection Maintenance Engineer. Twelve yearsas Senior Maintenance Engineer and then as Resident Engineer at 1000MW Mangla, 3478MW Tarbela and 240MW WarsakHydel Stations. Three years as Chief Engineer (Hydel) North WAPDA Warsak under whom the O&M and preparation of budget and purchase of spare parts and modification/rehabilitation of station as per requirement falls for not only Warsak but also for 20MW Dargai, 19.6MW Jabban, 4MW KurramGarhiBannu& 01MW Chitral Hydel Stations.

While serving at Mangla HPP, he modified Unit No. 05 and increased its capacity from 100MW to 125MW – for which he was awarded WAPDA Meritorious Performance Award.

His recent experience (from last 5 years) is that of Chief Executive and Managing Director PEDO (Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization) and, in addition to his official duties he also paid energetic attention to meetings with Provincial Authorities, NEPRA, NTDC, PESCO etc. preparation of budget, arranging of spare parts etc. He has successfully constructed and commissioned the following Hydel Power Stations:

  • 81MW Malakand-III HPP – Malakand Agency.
  • 18 MW Pehur HPP – District Sawabi
  • 87 MW Shishi HPP – District Chitral
  • Added a new Generating Unit of 1.4MW to the existing 2.8MW Reshun HPP Booni Chitral

He visited Germany, Austria and China for inspection of under-construction Turbines, Generators, Generator Transformers, Electrical Panels, SCADA Systems etc.


Project Manager

From 1986 to date (30 Years) experience in hydel generation with WAPDA on different positions. He started his career as a Junior Engineer at Mangla Hydro Power Station and lead his career upto the high rank of Chief Engineer (Hydel), Chashma, Jinnah and GomalZam HPSs. He then shared his knowledge and expertise while working as Mechanical Expert with Electra Consultant, Pakistan for 2.6MW Machai HPP and 40.8 KOTO HPS, Dir. Engr. Mumtaz is considered as a beacon of excellence in his field.Retired from WAPDA as Chief Engineer (Hydel) Chashmain November 2013. Served WAPDA for 35 years at various positions in almost all Hydel Power Stations. More than 15 years out of these 35 years, performed duties of operation and maintenance of Electro‐Mechanical Equipmentsi.e Turbines, Generators, Governors, Inlet Valves, Intake, Trash racks, Spill way gates, Draft tubes, Cranes, Tarsh Rack Cleaning Machine, various Pumps and Compressors etc of Mangla (10x100MW), Warsak (6x40MW),Ghazi Barotha (5x290MW), Chashma (8x23MW), Jinnah (8x12MW), Gomalzam (2×8.7MW), Dargai (4x5MW), Jabban (19.6MW), KuramGhari (1x4MW) and Chitral (1MW) Hydel Power Stations. Whereas for 20 years, various natures of duties performed on implementation of Project i.e. construction, rehabilitation and closing of contracts of project. Emergency repair of butterfly inlet valves at Warsak (6x40MW) and thereof complete rehabilitation of Warsak (1990‐2005) under the assistance / supervision of Canadian Expatriate was a unique special experience. The long outstanding problems / deteriorated condition of the plant were fully addressed. Original capacity sustainable for further twenty years restored.


Director Technichal

He started his Professional Career by joining WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) as Junior Engineer at TarbelaHydel Power Station and has served for more than 30 years in various large power stations including Hydel and Steam power stations. He has vast Experience in operation and maintenance services.He has attended all the commissioning tests of WAPDA 1450MW Ghazi Barotha Powerhouse and 500/220kV Switchyard/Transmission lines as Operational Incharge (Operation Engineer). He also served as Resident Engineer at WAPDA 96MW Jinnah Hydel Power Station Kala Bagh, managing/supervising all the operational activities and administrative matters of the Power Plant. After that he served as Director (Electrical & Mechanical) in the office of General Manager Projects (Northern Areas) WAPDA. The job included E&M contract monitoring / implementation, variation orders preparation, verification of contractor IPCs (interim payment certificates) and co-ordination of E&M activities of 72MW Khan Khwar Hydropower Project, 130MW Duber Khwar Hydropower Project and 121MW Allai Khwar Hydropower Project. Recently He served as Chief Engineer (O&M) 3HHPs at Besham. He joined Hydro Tech Pak (pvt) Ltd as Director Technical in 2016. His services are also utilized in the Electrical Design of Hydel Power Stations being developed by Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd.


Projects Coordinators

Graduate from National University – FAST in 2008, he joined Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. in 2008 as Operational Engineer. He later on completed his Masters from Georgia Tech, USA in electric Power. In 2016, he started working as Projects Coordinator at the head office in Peshawar.


Plant Manager Machai HPP

After completion of B.Sc Engineering, Engr. AtifWazir was engaged by Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. as Assistant Plant Manager. He is performing duties of overall in charge of 2.6MW Machai Hydro Power Project as Plant Manager and responsible for overall maintenance and administration of the power house.


Project Engineer

Graduated from university of Engineering &Technology, Peshawar in 2010, he joined Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. as Resident Engineer at 1.8MW Shishi Hydro Power Complex, Chitral. In 2013, he was given the charge of Project Engineer 3MW Qadirabad Hydro Power Project, AJK during Defect Liability Period. After successfully completion of Defect liability period, he assigned the duties for 3MWSharda Hydro Power project, AJK and currently he is performing his duties with extra zeal.


Assistant Engineer

Graduated from National University – FAST in 2016, he joined Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. in 2016 as Assistant Engineer. He is working in the Head Office as Assistant Engineer and performing his duties very well.

Engr. Amir Wahid

Engr. Amir Wahid

Plant Manager

A highly skilled Electrical Engineer with a rich experience of 38 years. He started his career with project consultants at Guddu Power Plant, later he joined WAPDA where he served at Tarbela & Mangla Power Plants at different positions. He was the head of 1000 MW Mangla Power Plant, during his professional career. He bestowed variety of assignments, actively participated in the design review erection testing & commissioning activities. He has undergone various technical & managerial training conducted at local & foreign level. He joined Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd as Plant Manager for Malakand-III Hydro Power Complex.

Engr. Muhammad Ismail

Engr. Muhammad Ismail

Deputy Plant Manager (Protection & Instrumentation)

He started his professional career by joining WAPDA (Water & Power Development Authority) as Junior Engineer in 1977 and served for more than 30 years in various large hydro electric power stations i.e. Tarbela and Warsak etc. in the field of Operation & Maintenance which includes Protection & Instrumentation, Extra High Voltage Switchgear, Static Excitation System, Speed Governing System, etc. He has received WAPDA Meritorious Performance Certificate in 1977. He has joined Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. in 2008 as Deputy Plant Manager (Protection & Instrumentation) for Operation & Maintenance of Malakand-III Hydro Power Complex. His services are also utilized in the Electrical Design of Hydel Power Stations being developed by Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. He has undergone training abroad at engineering works of international repute like Siemens, ABB, etc.

Engr. Muhammad Ali

Engr. Muhammad Ali

Deputy Plant Manager (Control & Mechanical)

An Electrical Engineer with more then 18 (Eighteen) Years experience, worked in different positions at KOT Addu, Tarbela & Ghazi-Barotha Power Plants in Pakistan. He was on foreign deputation, engaged for four years with Royal Commission Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the field of O&M, served in Operation, SCADA, DCS, Network, Mechanical & Store Sections of the Power Plants. His services have been hired by Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. on local deputation as Deputy Plant Manager (Control & Mechanical) for Malakand-III Hydro Power Complex.

Engr. Ajmal

Engr. Ajmal

Manager (Operation & Maintenance)

Graduate Engineer and devoted professional with more than 30 years experience. He has served both in Generation & Distribution Formations of WAPDA. Currently he is working as a Manager (Operation & Maintenance) in Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd.

Lt. Col (Retd) Muzaffar Shah

Lt. Col (Retd) Muzaffar Shah

Deputy Plant Manager (Admin & Security)

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1967 from Engineering College University of Peshawar. Joined Pak Army in April, 1968 in the Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (EME) responsible for upkeep and maintenance of Army equipment. Having served the Army for 26 years in various capacities including research and development, retired in 1994 as Lt. Col. Engaged with Merck Marker (Pvt.) Limited a Multinational Pharma Company as Manager Coordination from Sep, 1994 to Aug, 2007. Engaged by Hydro Tech Pak (Pvt.) Ltd. in December, 2007 as Deputy Plant Manager (Admin & Security) for Malakand-III Hydro Power Complex.